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Attendance information is being pulled from Infinite Campus and will be auto-entered onto each student’s progress report.  Schools do not need to hand enter this data.

Characteristics of Successful Learners:

Teachers do not have to assess all of these Characteristics, rather you should discuss with your principal re: which Characteristics are being used at your school for this trimester


Elementary Teachers:
Comments should ONLY be entered by Homeroom teachers into the following location in IC – Homeroom > Comments  This should be a general overall comment re: the student’s progress. The box allows for 1200 characters (including spaces and punctuation). 


  1. ELEM. HOMEROOM TEACHERS: Do not make subject specific comments and enter them into the subject’s Effort Comment box, e.g., Reading Effort, Writing Effort, etc. Comments made in these areas will not print on the students’ progress reports. This change has been made to avoid the confusion of jumbled comments that occurred during the first trimester.  Homeroom teachers should only enter the comment described above that’s associated with each student’s Characteristic of Successful Learners.
  2. ELEM. SPECIALS TEACHERS: Do not enter any comments in the comment fields associated to your subject standards.  NO SPECIALS COMMENTS WILL PRINT ON THE PROGRESS REPORTS THIS TRIMESTER.  This decision was made to both save you the effort of entering comments for the many students you see, and also to avoid the confusing jumble of comments that appeared on many students’ first trimester progress reports.

Middle School (6-8) Teachers:
Comments for students should be entered into each section’s comment area – (e.g., Reading/Writing Comment, Math Comment, etc.).  These comments will print in the Comment box under each subject on the progress report.

Middle School (6-8) Specials Teachers:
Even though comment boxes appear in IC under Effort for each student, these comments do not have a print area on the progress report, so SPECIALS TEACHERS SHOULD NOT ENTER COMMENTS AS THERE IS NO AREA FOR THEM TO PRINT ON THE STUDENT PROGRESS REPORTS.


The pull down menu option for ELD (English Language Development) has been expanded to include SLD (Second Language Development) to accommodate the needs of schools with SLD programs. 

Home Use of Infinite Campus

To provide technical support to teachers working in Infinite Campus from home, an IC Home Troubleshooting Guide has been compiled and posted here:  


For this trimester the progress reports will only print in English and Spanish.  Students that have Spanish listed in IC as their “correspondence language” will have a progress report generated in both English and Spanish.  Teacher comments for Spanish speaking students and parents are not translated from English to Spanish in IC.  The comments will appear only in the language in which they were written.

Missing Scores:

For scores that are not listed for Standards or Characteristics of a Successful Learner, DoTS will programmatically have those blank score areas filled with N/A (Not Assessed) when DoTS staff process your schools’ progress reports.

Missing Standards:

There are some courses for which some standards are missing.  The intention is that these standards will be added in future trimester scoring periods

Modified Standards:

Clarifying information on how to use the “M” and “I” scoring designations has been provided by the DPS Student Services Dept.   Their document Guidelines for Use of Modified Standards can be found at:  


As a time saver for teachers, any standards score area left blank will be auto-populated with N/A (not assessed) when DoTS generates schools’ progress reports.   Teachers may also enter “N/A” and this entry will also print when DoTS generates the progress reports. 

Printing Progress Reports:

Schools are responsible for printing their own progress reports from a master PDF file provided to them by DoTS.  There is not a DPS-specific standards based progress report in IC, DoTS must use a program called “Reporting Services” to take schools’ data entered into IC and format that information into the DPS-adopted progress reports.  DoTS then sends a master PDF file back to schools containing all students’ progress reports.  Schools then print their students’ reports from this file. For this reason, schools and individual teachers cannot generate progress reports directly from IC for your students.

Starting in the Trimester 2 reporting period, teachers now have a “work around” solution for generating student and class reports within IC to use as review documents, in addition to the official IC SBPR generated by DoTS, as referenced above.  See the Reports section below for more information on this process.

Red (student names showing in red):

Students who have withdrawn from your school or class will appear in red in IC.  You do not need to enter progress report scores for these students.


There are now several reports teachers can run to assist you in accurately completing your progress reports.  You can access the instructions on how to run these reports by clicking here:
Please pay special attention to these new reports:

Standards Disappear:

In some cases, standards for a particular content area fail to appear when teachers are entering scores via Grading by Student or Grading by Task—this seems to be a particular issue on Macs and is an IC bug that will be fixed.  In the interim, the workaround solution is this: reselect Grading by Student or Grading by Task when switching between content area sections.  The standards should then reappear.

Student is supported by (IEP, 504 plan, etc.):

As IC doesn’t contain the information to auto-fill the data in this area, schools currently have three choices:

  1. Hand-enter the check marks once the reports have been printed.
  2. Leave the check boxes blank.
  3. Attach the student’s individual plan.